Providing Quality Medical Instruments, Accessories & PPE to Medical Professionals/Hospitals/Clinics & Private cares all over United Kingdom, Europe & USA.

Empire Medical is a medical equipment & procedure packs brand, manufacturer, retailer and also supplier to the hospitals based in the United Kingdom and United States, supported by millions of patients and doctors.

Established in 2015 by young professionals. Empire Medical is a rapidly growing medical firm, starting from one room hand making the instruments into one of the fastest and national brand in the United Kingdom. This growth comes from a devotion to producing innovative brands in medical and immense support of patients and hard working surgeons, with the motive of solving medical professional problems during settings and procedures and saving their times. 

Above all a commitment to the Empire's vision:

Think no pain in procurement..

We exist to create the tools that help patients and doctors to unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action. 

Empire is a team of innovators at their very heart visionaries who have determination, dedication, passion and motivation. 


By Your Side - Each product supplied by us, we stand behind it. 

Empire Medical Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marital status, or pregnancy and maternity.

We are a profit sharing organisation. We operate an apprentice training scheme.

We are Quality Fans - We are devoted to deliver high quality products and services to achieve the highest level of safety and effectiveness as well as complete customer´s satisfaction.


We are Partners, Empire stands behind every product offered. We believe that a fair and trustful cooperation with our business partners is the foundation for continued development of the product range.


We are innovators - We listen to our customers to continuously  improve our quality management system, our products and our services. A truly customer centric company. 


We are Experts - We can provide you training, online or on-site. We love what we do. Every product we sell represents our commitment to provide medical technology that improves the quality of life for the patients we serve.

Going Green:


While Empire your health care partner makes sure that the products and services we manufacture are as sustainable as possible, with the lowest environmental impact and most positive social results.

In 2018, we integrated Environmental Sustainability into the core of our business through the key pillars of sustainable manufacturing which will change how we make, what we make and Embed our environmental commitments into our manufacturing processes.

We have identified several key areas which we believe are materials to all our stakeholders and to us as a responsible business.


At Empire We recognize that climate change is a real challenge to our communities, our ecology and our operations but we also realize it poses an opportunity to do what is right and to make a real difference in how we operate as a business. So, we will replace all our poly bags with Bio-degradable materials by 2024. We are already implementing biodegradable packaging on most of our products.



Deforestation is a worldwide issue. We took a long look and realize that the land built on by Empire was a climax forest at some point in the past. We currently operate on 10 acres of land. We aim to match this footprint by planting trees at 10 acres of land by 2025.



By 2025 we will drop our water intensities by 45% through innovation, efficiency and a series of unique projects



We will treat and reuse our wastewater and reduce it by 50% by 2025.



Our products and our processes to be free of all hazardous chemicals by 2025.


Our Compliances: 

We have several compliances in place and our code of conduct with ethical polices. We are audited by SGS on regular basis. We are shared in our complete supply chain.

Last but not the least, all products sold and manufactured by Empire are ISO Standardised, manufactured with sustainable manufacturing practices, FDA 510K, GMP Approved, CE Marked and UDI (GS1) Compliant. We are audited by 3rd Party (SGS). We are fully compliant please email for further certificates and audit reports if required. enquiries@empiremedical.co.uk

Company Policy & Documents

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  • UKCA Marking

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  • ISO 13485 Verification

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  • Symbols used for Our Products.

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  • Due Diligence Policy

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  • LSAS Assurance System Compliant

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  • Empires' Strategy During Covid Crises

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  • Environmental Policy as par ISO 14001

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  • Quality Assurance Declaration

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  • CLASS 1 (re-usable) Declaration

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  • MHRA Registration (UKCA)

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  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility